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Discover the power of natural healing for you and your family

At Herb Wise Homeschool, I am dedicated to helping you and your family discover the natural health God meant for us to have. Walk with me as I learn and share with you how to use plants and natural healing methods that the medical establishment is trying to erase from common knowledge.

FREE for you and your family, click below for my lesson plans to get you started in herbalism.
Be aware this is just the entrance to the rabbit hole of herbalism. Once you start learning about the bounty of medicine God provided – you won’t want to stop!

I have never been a fan of doctors. Then the Plandemic happened. It forced me to think about things I never thought about before. Primarily, I realized the healthcare industry depends on keeping the population sick.

Happy, healthy people are bad for their business. I said, “No more! From now on, I choose God’s plan.”

He provides everything we need, pure and unadulterated. The medicine doctors provide has side effects that require other medications. God’s provision does not mask symptoms, it cures the causes.

I started out looking at books on herbalism. This led me to lessons on herbalism. Eventually, I landed on Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing and their Master Herbalism program. I am so blown away by the things I am learning; I want to share them with you and your families as I go.

potted herbs
Potting herbs


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